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Working with Casa by Owner was a pleasure from start to finish! Our house sold in less than a month. He was always available and ready to offer great advice! I couldn't recommend this company more!



This message is long overdue! Selling our house through Casa By Owner saved us thousands of dollars that would have otherwise gone to a selling agent. The pictures that were taken by CBO's awesome marketing team were enough to garner plenty of interest, and we were able to sell our house within less than two months after putting it on the market. The customer service is top notch, and we will definitely return to Casa By Owner if we decide to sell our current home.



It was a true pleasure to work with Casa by Owner from beginning to end. He always had our best interests in mind, and was always a text/phone call away. Our house sold within a week and I would definitely recommend his service to others. Thanks Casa by Owner!

Marcy De La Hoya


I am now in Austin, finally taking the time to acknowledge and thank Casa by Owner for supporting me through the process of selling my home in El Paso. It sold in 5 days!!! I signed with Casa by Owner on a Friday and by that Sunday was hosting an Open House! Couldn't have done it without Casa by Owner to advise and cheer me on even when we had our differences;) He has an amazing work ethic and always returned phone calls/text messages ASAP! I also want to commend the photographer, he did a super job of showcasing our home! Thank you Casa By Owner Team, for the entrepreneurial option you afford those of us who wish to sell our own homes! You are so right "YOU CAN "SELL" YOUR HOME BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE!"

Sylvia Sanchez


Who knows your house better than you do to show and tell. We couldn't have done it without the expert advice of Casa by Owner. Full service advice and guidance without the full service price. We highly recommend CBO. Thanks so much!

John and Jennifer Pass


Very professional! Casa by Owner sits down with you and explains detail by detail on the pros and cons of having your house in the market. He guides you and advises you through the whole process and makes you feel at ease. After 1 month my house was sold! I am extremely happy with him and his staff. I definitely recommend him. 

Yadia Garcia


Our home sold in ONE DAY!. Yes that is correct it was only one day. Casa by Owner visited our home, sat with us around our table and he tried to share with us what Casa by Owner was all about . He wanted to start us with their basic package and then upgrade us as needed. I forgot the last time that somebody was so honorable and honest about their services and not wanting to oversell any of them. We found in Casa by Owner not only amazing Realtor but an amazing long time friend. Casa by Owner was present during all the steps of the process, any questions, suggestions, recommendations. Our home pictures were impressive. We WIL BE ETERNALLY THANKFUL TO CASA BY OWNER TEAM FOR SELLING OUR HOME AND ALLOWING US TO MOVE TO THE NEXT CHAPTER IN OUR LIVES. Muchas Gracias!. 

Carla and Eric Twesme


After dealing with a real estate agent who was of no assistance and attempted to persuade me to rent instead of sell I decided to take a different route and utilize Casa by Owner. Casa by Owner convinced me to ask more for my home than what I planned and I sold my house in 3 months. Thank you Casa by Owner for making this process so easy and for always being there to answer questions and offer guidance. I highly recommend hiring Casa by Owner. Don't waste thousands in agent fees it's not worth your time or money! 



What a wonderful experience, only 13 days on the market and our home sold. We had two back up offers and the house sold for almost the list price, only 3% less. Casa by Owner is so knowledgeable and so helpful, they guides you the whole way and is always available to answer any questions. He advertised our home with wonderful photos and it looked great. We are on to our next home and we will certainly call Casa By Owner again, all our friends will be calling when they sale or buy a property. Thanks again Casa By Owner. 

Debbie Gonzales


I had a hard time believing Casa by Owner when told me they only held the contract for 1 year because houses on Casa by Owner usually sell before then; :) boy was I wrong. My house sold in 5 months!! Casa by Owner was so kind and helpful getting me thru any questions/doubts I had about selling process. Thank you Casa by Owner. I highly recommend Casa By Owner. 

I. Villa


We sold our father's home within one month after listing with Casa By Owner. Casa by Owner provided expert assistance and guidance. Thank you, CBO!

Cecilia Olivas


I have sold our second home on CBO. Casa by Owner provided awesome support and guidance both times. Selling with CBO you are always in control of the selling of your home. They have great resources and tools to guide the seller and potential buyer. Thank You $$$$$$$$$

Lucy Guerrero


I'm happy to say we sold our EP home through Casa By Owner and I would definitely recommend CBO to anyone looking to sell their home. It's like having a full service agent without full service fees. Casa by Owner was there at every step to offer advice and usher us through the process. He really made things easy. Thanks, Casa by Owner, for all the help. 

Pete Henning


With the help of Casa by Owner we're excited to sell our home. We're very happy with the service we recieved. We definitely recommend to call Casa by Owner and sell your own home or if you don't have the time to do so let him sell it for you. Thank you Casa by Owner and may God Bless you!

Virginia Francis


We can't begin to tell you how great this experience was working with Casa by Owner. We listed our home last week of March and 5 weeks later the house was sold.It was easy thanks to Casa by Owner who guided us every step of the way. We highly recommend using Casa by Owner. 

David & Zulema Perez


We sold our home at 413 Benton within 3 months of listing it. It is a larger custom home in an area of older smaller homes so we thought that it would take much longer to sell. We are SO thankful that a friend told us about Casa By Owner!! Casa by Owner was so helpful to us! THANK YOU and God Bless you Casa by Owner!!

Lee and Sandra Gammage


Sold my home at 331 Rio Verde and saved a lot $$$$$. Sold it within 2 months. 915- 373-1804. Thanks Casa By Owner.

Sam Harrison


My house 7378 Black Mesa $248,000 sold. it was quick!!Went to Casa by Owner and immediately started getting calls for information on the house. Two weeks on the market and I got a solid offer. I closed on my house six weeks after putting it on the market. Yes it works and you save thousands! Thanks 915-525-1130.

Mark Tercero


Went to Casa by Owner and immediately started getting calls for information on the house. Two weeks on the market and I got a solid offer. I closed on my house six weeks after putting it on the market. Yes it works and you save thousands!

M. Tercero


Casa by Owner, thank you! :)

Cinthia Estrada


My husband and I tried selling our home alone for over a year. Within 5 weeks with Casa by Owner our home was sold. Thank you Casa by Owner for you support and advise along the way. We would recommend Casa By Owner to anyone looking to sell their home. 



Signed with Casa by Owner after 18 months trying to sell home with a realtor. Less than 6 months later, SOLD!! Oh did I mention, saved tons of money in the process. Thanks to Casa by Owner for the support received. 

Bob & Patty


I sold my home without using a real estate agent and saved lots of $$$$. Thanks Casa By Owner. 915-630-7841.

Kay Smith


Phone: 252-2555 My property at 11228 Leo Collins, 79936. Priced $ 340,000 was sold within a short time. Thanks

Anette Hernandez


We want to THANK Casa by Owner for his prompt service. He was always available and willing to help. We are very happy with Casa by Owner :)



I’ve sold my home in El Paso TX and paid no commission. Excellent service. Thanks Call me for reference – A. Quintana 915-731-8435

A. Quintana


What's not to like? Sold our luxury home in less than a 4 months! Saved us close to $60,000 in realtor commissions and fees.

F. Madison


I must thank you very much for the opportunity to sell my home through your service. It has served me real well and has saved me a lot of money in realtor commissions. I will and have recommended your service to friends and family.

Rudy & Cathy


I want to give special thanks to Casa by Owner for all his advise. Casa By Owner is the absolute best way to sell a home. Thank you Casa by Owner for all your support.

Enrique Gomez


I do not know where we would be with out Casa by Owner. Casa by Owner is awesome and has helped us with three homes now. Thank you very, very much.

Melinda Alaniz


I highly HIGHLY recommend the services of Casa by Owner! I had constant inquiries thanks to the different advertisement methods. Had it under contract in one week and closed in 30 days, thanks to all of the different services offered!!!!



Casabyowner delivered everything it promised. We received our signs quickly, our listing was easy to use, and we would highly recommend their service.



This has been a great experience for me. I've previously listed my home with realtors. The asking price was $27,000 less than what I sold it for. In addition to not paying realtor's fees I made substantially more money by selling it myself at a higher price!



Thank you Casa by Owner! We would never have sold our home without you! We needed a quick sale due to health issues and Casa By Owner was the way to go. We wasted so much time with worthless real estate agents who wanted a HUGE sum of money with absolutely no work on their part. This is the future of real estate for those who cannot afford to throw money away!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

Marilyn Cronin Lindauer


Thank you for getting our house sold fast through all your advertising. Had interested buyer the first week and two months later we closed. Easy way to sell a house.

Irma Guillen, Adrian Medina


CASABYOWNER'S Great! It worked for me!

Debbie Roma


Our home sold one week and two days from the time we placed our ad with Casa By Owner. We had our home listed with an agent for a year prior but feel we had more activity that first week with Casa By Owner. We selected the Platinum Package for maximum exposure..... We saved close to $19,000 and would have saved double that if our buyer had not been working with an agent. Thank you Casa for one of the smoothest transactions ever!!

Catherine P


Wow, what an experience! Casa-By-Owner's staff and Casa by Owner were absolutely wonderful! I was able to sell my house in a very short amount of time. Other homes in the same neighborhood using a "Realtor" are still up for sell. I am very pleased with the service I received and will sell through Casa-By-Owner in the future.

Doris Shane


The best way to sell my home! Thank You!!!!!

Manuel Dixon


Thank you Casa by Owner for all your help! I am privileged to have met someone so knowledgeable, honest, hard-working, committed individual. You have assisted me since 2006. Casa by Owner has saved me lots of money. I am truly thankful for the guidance you have provided me. Thank you again.

Patrizia Hightower


Thanks for the initial guidance provided by Casa by Owner to set us on the right track. Itwas a good experience and quite frankly, we did not anticipate our home selling so quick.

Diana & Ramon Tirado


We are thankful for the exposure we received through your service. And they provided us with all the resources we needed to sell our home!" Nancy



It has been a real pleasure doing business with you! Sold in less than 2 months; the process was simple and easy! thanks again! 

Reyes Zamudio


Your service is better than great. We sold our home so fast and the whole process was so simple. NEVER will we use a realtor and WILL recommend CASA by OWNER. Thanks again!

Larry and Kimberly Clark


Casa by Owner is a fantastic service. When the market fell I listed my property with three different real estate agencies in a span of 1 year. I showed my house at the most 2 times for each agency. When I switched to Casa and showed my own home, and took the calls, I consistently showed my property month after month. I got offers to sell, owner finance or rent. I estimate that I showed my home a minimum of 30 times. I am positive had it not been for Casa, I would not have received as many offers as quickly as I did. I rented my home to a top quality applicant. Thank you Casa for a valuable service. I highly recommend Casa by Owner to any serious motivated seller.

Rebecca Seriel


I sold two homes on Casa by Owner. Casa by Owner was outstanding and so was his staff. I plan on using them again in the near future. The traffic from the website was amazing.

Michael Sayklay


Thanks so much for taking the time to sell my real estate property. I really enjoyed meeting you and it was a pleasure doing business with Casa by owner --your overview was extremely helpful! Thanks to your personalized assistance I was able to obtain top dollar for our home, I will check back and let you know how things are going. Any further thoughts or suggestions are most welcome. Thanks again for your help -it is very much appreciated. I hope to see you again soon. 

Sincerly, Carlos Porras


Say no to realtors! When we put our house up for sale on "Casa by Owner" at the end of November 2009, we were told by many people (including realtors) that it wasn't the selling season, it was a buyers market and we would probably have to wait months before we sold our house. Two weeks later we had our first offer. The next day we literally had two other parties interested in putting in an offer. Within another month we were sold (got our asking price-which was the appraisal value) and we were moved out. We would have spent 3% (thousands of dollars) on another realtor for something we easily did ourselves. Our only wish is that our buyer didn't come in with their own realtor. That's money we would have saved (for novices-sellers pay all realtor commissions). Like I said, "Say no to realtors!"



Selling a home in this market is never easy and often creates undue stress. Casa By Owner alleviated much of that stress by putting you, the owner, in the drivers seat. They were always available, honest, and there to cheer you on. My compliments to Casa by Owner for treating us like family! Casa By Owner provided by far significantly more advertisement and viewing than any real estate company. Our home is sold but the relationships developed through CBO are ongoing. Thanks!

Sue and Scott Gray


Best experience for selling a home, hands down! Experienced personnel and great advertising. The #1 company to go with by all means! Thank you.. Sold home withing 4 months.

Bob Cordova


We sold our home in 2 1/2 months. The family that bought it saw it on there are lots of homes for sale in the area we live and everyone kept telling us it was a buyer's market. We ended up getting $5,000 more than our asking price.

Doris C.


What's not to like? Sold our luxury home in less than 3 months! Saved us close to $60,000 in realtor commissions and fees.

Lucy & Alex


I'm very pleased with the services and advise I received from Casa by Owner. I was able to sell my house in less than 1 week. Special thanks to Casa by Owner for his support.

Antonio Rodriguez


My home at 3140 Royal Crest 79936 finally sold. I am removing from the website after I send this e-mail. Thanks for all you did to help me as well as all the advise you gave. I have shared this experience with several others.

Melodie Erives


"I was surprised how many phone calls I got and am still getting them. The last home I sold, sold the same day the realtor sign went up to someone who merely drove by. It cost me $8000 in commissions. This time, we decided to sell by owner – sold in 8 days and saved over $10,000 in commissions. I would certainly recommend Casa by Owner to others."

J. Galven


It’s a pleasure knowing you all, we’re very pleased of the results and will recommend you to friends. Thank you again. Elisa

Elisa Baeza


Very appreciative of the cordialness and promptness of Casa By Owner. Would use you again in a heartbeat. Thanks for your candor, Casa by Owner.

Noel Silva


We were happy with the response and the service we received. Thank you

Barbara T. Rosen


I can’t say enough good things about Casa by Owner and especially Nash who guided us thru the whole process of selling our home. They are very professional, courteous and get the job done right. I am happy to say that we were able to sell our home within two months of signing on with Casa by Owner. I highly recommend this company. Thanks again Casa by Owner for such a positive experience.

M. Amjad Khan, M.D.


Thanks for providing a great service and allowing me to cut out the fat with the middle man. It saved me thousands.

Winslow Borzotra


I sold my beloved home through CasaByOwner in three quick months despite a sluggish market. The whole process was a positive one and relatively painless...the hardest part was saying goodbye to my little house of 17 years! Thank you CasaByOwner!

Leslie Roberts


I thought I would drop you a line and let you know that we really enjoyed using the services of CasaByOwner. The service was professional, efficient, and cost-effective. I would gladly recommend using the service to any of my friends and associates who are selling homes in the Texas/New Mexico area. Again, it was a pleasure doing business with you.

Toby Davis


Thank You! Thank You! Thank you! Casa by Owner, you were a wonderful for us during our first sale. We managed to find two buyers within 11 days. We closed on our house exactly 60 days after we posted our house for sale! We had a wonderful response and even had an offer from Florida! Were thankful for your patience, guidance and especially for your honesty and realistic approach to today's market. We are so satisfied with your service! Now come get your sign!



Thank you very much to Casa by Owner. As soon as I signed with Casa by Owner, they posted my home on the web- I had my first call within one hour and had an offer in 24 hrs; the home sold in 30 days! Casa by Owner was very helpful and efficient - Thank you Casa by Owner!

Yolanda Alameda


This is the second time we sold with Casa by Owner, and we want to thank you again for a easy hassle free sale. I strongly recommend Casa by Owner to anyone looking to sell their home.

wendi wenk


Thank you very much for grat professional service. Wish you best fortune.

Suleiman Masoud


I was very happy with my home-selling experience with Casa-By-Owner. From web-post to closing, it took about 90 days! Thanks!!! Here's hoping that selling my fiance's home goes as smooth!

Paul T. Clingan


Casa by Owner was great! I received my first call within an hour of being listed on the web and received my fist offer within 24 hours. I highly recommend the premium package with MLS listing since it generated a high volume of showings from the exposure on MLS. I easily met my goal of selling within 60 days of listing. The team at Casa by Owner in El Paso was a great resource throughout, providing advice each step of the way. Thank you.

Jared Galazin


Our home sold as fast as any other home that was represented by a large real estate company, at a fraction of the cost!! Thanks for your assistance during the whole process.

Enrique D. Carrejo


It was a wonderful experience to sell my house through your services. Everything was as expected and I am grateful to the friendly team at "Casa by Owner" for their help.

Khalid Afzal, M.D


Considering today’s Real State Market, Casa by Owner is the best choice to sell you property. I sold my home in four month getting the same caliber of professionalism and service than from any other high pay commission Realtor. Casa by Owner did a great job “coaching” us through the entire process. Thanks.

Javier Colon


Although the market was slow, our house sold as we had expected. I think that our home received enough exposure through your marketing campaign. Thank you very much for your assistance with our questions and concerns throughout this process.

Enrique Carrejo


CASA BY OWNER IS THE BEST WAY TO SELL YOUR HOME! Our home sold just in ONE open house! CASA BY OWNER DID A WONDERFUL JOB AT MARKETING OUR HOME AND SELLING WAS EASY AS 123. This is our second home that we sell through casa by owner…and we would definitely do it again!! Thanks Casa by Owner! The Bautista Family

Ramon and Ruth Bautista


It’s my privilege to let anyone know of the best way to sell a home. Casa By Owner has an outstanding reach to buyers directly and my home sold successfully within a short time. I believe this is the way of the future of selling real estate. Thank you, Thank you casa by owner for all your help. Josh and I will be moving to our new home and please stop-in by for our house warming party.

Josh Saducka


Great job, We were very impressed of the coverage and the professional service your company provided.

J. Brian 


Casa by Owner was a great help in setting up our house for sale, gave us really good advise and think it was a major reason we sold so quick. Thanks!!!!! Oscar & Laura

Oscar Ramos


I sold my house in less than 30 days after listing it on Casa By Owner. Everyone on the team was very helpful and extremely professional. If I ever have to sell a house again, I will definitely use Casa By Owner. 

Sandra Raudry


The house is officially closed on and sold! Thanks for your help with the listing and making things easy. Can you please see about getting the sign removed asap. Thanks again for your help. We were pleased with the service of as well as with your help and assistance. 

Todd and Elizabeth


Appreciate the help and excellent marketing of my home thru your web site and the other means of advertising provided by you program. My highest recommendation to casa by owner. Again, Thanks

Raul A. Norte


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you in your assistance in the selling of my home. I am happy for the success your company brings to others, however, I get so many e-mails that I sometimes have trouble deleting them all. Again, your company does great things in the realty market, and if I ever need your assistance again, I will definitely call Casa by Owner. Thank you!!!!

Adam Maldonado


Excellent job,I sold my house in 10 days. Thank You

Blanca Villalobos


Thank you very much for your services. I sold my house in a short period of time and saved money. I wil recommend your services to my family and friends.

Isabel de la Rosa


Casa by Owner is definitely the BEST way to sell your home. There are no hidden fees, no hassle and no unpleasant surprises. ONLY BIG savings. Our House was listed on a Monday, we had our first open house on saturday and it sold THAT DAY. WOW ! Don't let Realtors discourage you about doing business with Casa. (they only have one thing in mind: their commission) Thank You Casa by Owner!



We're looking to move to El Paso from DC and casa by owner has been a great asset.

Helen Gonzalez


Partnering with Casa By Owner to selling our home was a fantastic experience. I would strongly recommend anyone selling their home to consider using the serviceprovided by Casa By Owner. Thank you Casa By Owner!

Michael Randel


Casabyowner saved us thousands of dollars that we would have had to pay a realtor. They are a first class operation. Highly recommend using them.

Ray Deedon


As a seller, I recommend CasaByOwner highly. They took good photographs of the house for the website, put up a nice real estate sign, and provided flyers. Most of the buyers saw the sign first and then looked on the website. I thought the service was well worth the money.

Steve Northrop





We wanted to thank Casa by Owner for a great home selling experience. I don't know why anyone would sell their home any other way. We were in control of the whole process and did not have to worry about someone showing our home while we were not home. We believe old style real estate sales are a thing of the past. Why pay all of those commissions when you can get the same kind of service from Casa by Owner for thousands of dollars less. Thanks Again.

Darryn and Marcia Clark


I had an offer the same day my house was shown on your Website. Thanks a lot.



THANK YOU! Why would anybody waste their hard earned money with a Realtor when your services are available? You are AWESOME! Within hours of that sign in the yard, I had lookers. Then a full price offer the same day. Should close in the next few days. I'm talking up a storm to anybody I hear that's thinking about selling their home. "GO TO CASA!" Thanks Again, Sharon PS You can come get your sign.

Sharon Michaud

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