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Searching DFW & El Paso, TX Real Estate for the right house can take time, and there is a strong possibility the one you like is already under contract. How to make an offer quickly before it goes to someone else? And How to increase your chances of having your offer accepted by the seller in a competitive housing market?, Casa By Owner will structure your offer to the seller/listing agent with favorite terms that can increase your chance to get it accepted.

How to Make an Offer?

You've just viewed a house and it's the one you looking for, and you're ready to make an offer. This is when we step in to write an offer letter on your behalf and send it to the seller or their agent. When it's possible and available, we'll provide you with very important information such as: Is seller relocating? - Why they selling? - Is it a distressed sale? - What's the other nearby homes sold prices? and other factors that could impact your offer.

Homes for sale in El Paso, TX

#1. What to Offer?

Casa By Owner will work with you on finding the best offer that you can submit. Searching sold homes in DFW & El Paso, TX to determine price per Sq. Ft. and compare amenities to the home is a very important step to find a price that works for you and the seller. We'll consider the most recent sold prices of homes in the subdivision, condition of the home, as well as your budget when determining your offer. 

#2. Send your offer

All paperworks and the structure of your offer by Casa By Owner is FREE. A fair price that you think of is not necessary based on facts and figures unless we produce evidence of previous sold homes with similar accepted offer. Closing date, contingencies, inspections, and other conditions (like selling your home first before you buy) will be taking in consideration once we submit your offer to seller. We'll help you obtain and sign a written offer agreement to send it along with your pre-qualification letter, it's easy!!! 

#3. Offer Negotiation

The owner might come back with a counteroffer, that's expected and usually because of the price or closing terms. Casa By Owner and you will structure another offer that could make a difference in your offer being accepted, please don't forget that the timing when to offer or when to counter plays a crucial step to secure an accepted offer.

#4. A final offer or Executed Contract

You and the owner came to an agreement, then what? We'll engage your loan officer, Title Company and inspectors to fulfill the terms of the contract. You'll be guided every step of the way till you get the keys of your new home.

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