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Understanding Today's Real Estate Consumer

According to NAR, most buyers and sellers are looking for alternatives to the traditionally commissioned agent. And a recent Gomez report found that 80% of buyers and sellers who use the Internet plan to control at least 80% of their next transaction. That spells pressure for the traditional real estate agent. The convergence of those two trends sets the stage perfectly for the Casa by Owner system! Since 2002, Casa by Owner has championed the concept of menu-driven services and set fees. Building off of this foundation, we then combine a sound understanding of direct response advertising and real estate experience into an in-depth marketing program that compels buyers and sellers to work directly together.

But, few hear it. Real estate professionals working under the commission-based model now face new hurdles in today's market. Consumers demand more choices and involvement in their transactions than ever before. Most importantly, an increasing number are dissatisfied with the commissions they pay. According to the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), only 25% of buyers and 49% of sellers plan to work with commissioned real estate agents. That means that well over half of consumers are looking for an alternative. And that's a prime reason why Casa by Owner is the fastest growing option in the region!

Casa by Owner had the foresight 12 years ago to invent that alternative. Our system is not a discounted traditional model. It is a set-fee business model in which payment for services is commensurate with the work performed by the office — not the sale price of the house. Consumers respond to us because they finally in-control of their most valuable investment (home) sale process, which saves them money! Additionally, our customers respond to our market leadership, business and marketing resources, and ongoing support, and they appreciate our philosophy of openness, honesty and passion for what we do.

The real estate industry is changing quickly. The traditional model of real estate doesn't fit today's consumer or economy. So, forget what you thought you knew about Real Estate and explore the truth here on our site.

MORE $$$ IN YOUR POCKET: Obviously, this is the main reason that most FSBO home sellers are selling their home themselves. You can save up to 7% commission by doing it yourself. On a $200,000 home you may save up to $14,000. Here's another way of looking at it. Let's say that your home will sell for $200,000 and you owe $144,000 on the mortgage… so you have $56,000 in equity. If you pay $14,000 in sales commissions, that's 25% of your equity! Sell it yourself… and you'll save a very large portion of your equity!

YOU CAN "SELL" YOUR HOME BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE: You know your home best. The schools, the neighborhood, what is special about the area and the house, as well as other details about the property. A well-maintained, fairly priced home virtually sells itself; your role is simply to provide additional information. Who is the most qualified person to market your house, you or an agent?

LESS UNCERTAINTY: Because you meet the prospective buyers, you have a much better idea how interested people are, what they like about the home, how serious they are about buying and what their time frame and situation is. The direct feedback is easier to live with than wondering how things are going, or worse, why no one has made an offer yet.


LESS HASSLE AND FRUSTRATION: When selling by owner, you don't have to leave the house because an agent wants to show it, or clean it every morning before leaving "just in case". You know when people are coming, and can prepare accordingly. And when a buyer makes an offer, there's not all that frustrating back-and-forth telephone tag between agents to reach an agreement. It can be done in minutes, and end with a friendly handshake and smile between owner & buyer.

YOU'RE IN CONTROL: Nobody is going to tell you what to do. You can advertise where and how you want to, schedule showings when it's convenient for you, talk directly with prospective buyers yourself, even take your house off the market for a while if you can't find the right house for you. You aren't obligated to a 3, 6, or 12 month contract... you make your own rules.

IT'S EASY: "If you can sell your own car, you can
sell your own home... it's that simple" said one of our home sellers. And he's right, once you find a buyer... lenders, lawyers or title companies take over.